Who I Am . . .

The Whimsical Diva™ is owned and operated by Deby Simpkins, a wife, mother and grandmother. At a very young age I learned to sew, do needlepoint and embroidery. As a child, I designed and made clothes, accessories and furniture for my Barbie dolls. After learning to crochet and knit as a pre-teen, I knit baby booties as a gift without using a pattern. It wasn’t long before my passion for crafting included cross stitching, painting and, eventually cake decorating.

Being blessed with two beautiful daughters allowed me to continue my love of sewing for them. Whether it was petticoats, frilly dresses with lace trim and matching purses (remember Daisy Kingdom dresses?) fun matching summer outfits, over the top Halloween costumes, or stuffed dolls with hand stitched faces and custom doll clothing, I would spend hours sewing for them, sometimes even through the night. In my spare time I would make extra money by sewing for other people - things like window coverings, pillows, cushion covers and occasional clothing alterations. 

my girls

The Original Deby’s Diva Apron™ was first designed on a whim as a gift to my oldest daughter who had an affinity for buttons. After coming up with a base apron pattern, I discovered that with a few tweaks it could be made much more fun by allowing my daughter the opportunity to change the apron to “fit her mood”. A few years later, realizing that people were spending more time in the kitchen than they used to, I decided to show my apron design to the world. Currently, the only place you can purchase The Original Deby’s Diva Apron™ is on my website, www.theWhimsicalDiva.com, or an occasional artisan fair.

The Original Deby’s Diva Apron™, Evelyn's Diva Apron™, Elsie's Diva Apron™, Ida's Diva Apron™ and the Betty Apron are all handmade and sold exclusively through my business, The Whimsical Diva, LLC. Other handmade items include potholders, hair scrunchies and coordinating accessories.

Thank you for your interest in my aprons and accessories and I hope you have a wonderful day!me